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Xmodgames For iOS

iOS devices are the most trusted and branded operating system developed by apple.inc for apple devices. Games are rationale for all the devices but if you like to add mod to your games, then you need to be give different treatment to your iOS devices.iOS modded gamesis now possible to play with the help of xmodgames for iOS. Playing games are stress reliving but limited lives in your game at the most exciting level, will make you feel otherwise. For nonstop enjoyment,xmod app download will help you out. Download xmod on your iPhone or iPad and play your favorite game without any limitations of lives or coins or gems.

Check out the xmodgames apk download process below. 

How to Download Xmodgames for iOS

For downloading Xmodgames for iOS, we have identified two methods. The first method that we listed here require the use of computer and the other method would take the help of Cydia. Although both the methods are very simple and would not require too much technical support.

Method 1 : Install DEB

You must be thinking now what is this DEB? Deb is nothing but a file format that supports the iOS operating system. Check out the steps below to download Xmod app for iOS with this method.

  •  Xmod installation begins with iFunbox installation. Install iFunbox on your PC.
  • Connect your iOS device and PC.
  • Now download the .deb file from the official sources.
  • Open the iFunbox.
  • Copy the .deb file in iFunbox. To copy it; open iFunbox > iFunbox classic > find your iOS device under connected device on the left panel > Cydia app install and then drag and drop the .deb file.
  •  At last, restart your device.
  •  .deb has installed.

Method 2 : Add Repo

In this method, you need to use jailbreak iOS device. Rest is the simple task as you can read next.

  • Open “Cydia” on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the “edit” option under “Sources”.
  • When you tap on edit, it will ask you to “add”.
  • Enter Cydia/APT URL : http://apt.xmodgames.com and click on add source.
  • Finally, Xmodgames has been installed on your iOS device.

We hope that you would be able install xmodgames for iOSby either of the above two methods. Now get the iOS modded games with the help ofxmod app.


We have suggested two methods here for xmod appdownload on iOS devices. Out of which the first one is more preferable as there is no need like jailbreak your device unlike the second one. Xmodgames for iOS will positively impact your gaming experience with your apple devices. Xmod iOS version and .deb file is available easily over the web and we encourage our readers todownload xmod on theiriOS devices so that to make the maximum fun out of their game.

We hope that this write up is the end to your search for xmodgames for iOS and you do not need to visit more pages around the web. You may contact us for more queries. We will get back to you soon.